Surtitling for hearing impaired and deaf people rewrites the dialogues of a theatre play to make them easier to read. This surtitling includes the names of the characters, the voice overs, a description of the music played and of the sound effects. The surtitling is projected onto a screen above or beside the stage, or within the set. The surtitling is synchronised live by an Accès Culture stage manager.

In addition to adapted surtitling, amplifying headphones and induction loops are offered to hearing impaired spectators.

Approximately thirty theatres of the Accès Culture network offer a sound amplification system in their auditoriums for all performances (headphones or individual induction loops free of charge can be picked up at the theatre information desk).

2015 – Adapted surtitling for Ruy Blas ou la Folie des Moutons Noirs at Théâtre 13/Seine (Paris)